Tyler E. Willis

From the Internet

Hey there.

I'm Tyler, a designer from the US. I'm the Digital Marketing Manager at Mullin/Ashley, a marketing agency outside of Washington, DC.

I'm also inspired to create useful web-based tools and platforms for businesses looking to get an edge, small businesses looking to compete on a dime, and anyone looking for a simpler, more efficient way to browse and build online. Two recent results of this inspiration are PerfectPage and LinkCandle.io.

Life so far ...

  • Breathing since 1987
  • Boston sports fan since 1992
  • Met the perfect girl in 2006
  • Married her in 2010
  • Became a dad in 2012
  • Became a dad again in 2015
  • Laid off from ops mgr job in 2015
  • Yes, a dad again in 2017
  • Launched my first startup in 2017

Thinking about ...

  • Communication
  • Internet of Things
  • Automation

Lover of ...

  • New projects
  • Simplistic design
  • Subtle animations
  • Recycling processes
  • Startup stories
  • Outlandish ideas
  • Business biographies
  • Life hacking
  • Inspirational quotes

Hater of ...

  • Idea killers
  • Resistance to change
  • Think-They-Know-It-Alls