Automated Website Content Analysis

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To improve upon my own website optimization, I’ve performed many searches and have tested out/paid for dozens of different software platforms over the years. Many of them provide great technical analysis related to the makeup and SEO of one’s website.

I’ve also read thousands of blog posts about certain elements all SEO-friendly webpages/page titles/page descriptions should have. Honestly, I’ve benefited the most from these blog posts, but studying different blog posts takes so much time – and it’s not as technical/quantitative as I would like – harder to keep track of.

So, I combined the technical tools that I had come to know and love with the content from thousands of blog posts and created PerfectPage.

You simply submit a webpage and then get a result of the health of your webpage in terms of:

It’s kind of like you never have to read a blog post about SEO, or content optimization, or CRO ever again.

Now, it’s one thing to have this platform where you have to go and submit content, but I wanted to make it easier. So, after signing up, PerfectPage will actually check your website daily for new content, then crawl it, score it, and email you a report automatically. You can still visit the platform to learn more, but you’ll get a birds-eye view delivered straight to your inbox.


I created a free plan so people can easily test out PerfectPage. However, all of the best tools (complete scans, automation, email reports) are available upon upgrading.

Also, there are agency plans available for analyzing and optimizing multiple websites as well as creating custom reports and PDFs that can be printed/saved and then delivered to your current and prospective clients (no PerfectPage branding at all!).

You can use coupon code “tylerewillis” to save 10% off any of the paid plans at PerfectPage.

This project is no longer active.