How popular is Search Engine Optimization?

December 6, 2017//765 words

I recently finished listening to the book Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz.

Whether you’re interested in statistics and numbers or not, it was really fascinating to listen to him explain how he’d discover a possible trend via online searches (with Google Trends) and then consult other sources – real life events – to determine validity.

He looked into questions like …

Among others.

I remember, years ago, playing around with Google Trends, but it’s been a while. And it intrigued me to listen to this book. I’m always trying to find an edge.

So I thought I’d look into a few search terms related to the topic of SEO – an area where I’ve invested time in personally during the past few years.

Has SEO reduced in popularity during the past year?

Doesn’t look like it! Aside from a few fluctuations, it’s still near the peak of its popularity.

If I owned a business, I’d be looking to jump about the search engine optimization train before it’s too late and as an SEO specialist, I’d be looking to continue to capitalize on the popularity.

Do specific SEO search terms support the current popularity?

Looking at the trends for a few of the core SEO page elements, they definitely look to be at or near their all-time high.

What’s the demand for SEO?

A big spike here towards the beginning of 2016 for people searching for “SEO companies” and “SEO agencies”. That would suggest that companies are realizing a need and looking to pay for services.

What’s the competition level for SEO specialists?

Right now, the competition looks to be at an all-time high.

This makes sense … SEO has proven to be important, worth the investment, and, honestly, necessary.

So it looks like we’re still very much “in the now” for SEO.

If you’re a specialist, take advantage.

If you’re a business, get on board. Even in the post-SEO world, the landscape will be different … meaning that it will no longer just be trendy to have your website optimized, but a must.