Digital Consulting

Providing expert advice for businesses and individuals seeking growth, direction and cost-savings in regards to websites, social media, lead generation, user experience, search engine optimization, and digital advertising.


Why digital consulting?

Businesses and individuals hire me as a digital consultant to determine clear objectives and save valuable time and money. Because of my experience in digital marketing and the web, I can give you valuable advice regarding which channels you should pursue and which ones you should avoid - allowing you to spend your time and money on the activities that will make a financial difference for your business.

ProcessWhat a typical consultation project looks like


As soon as I receive an email from you, I'll review your information (whatever you've provided to me in the email) and will email you back with additional questions. We can communicate how you prefer - whether you like email, would prefer an in-person meeting or over the phone, or would like to video chat via Skype or another platform.


Once I understand your situation, your business and your goals, I'll provide you with a proposal and a confidentiality agreement based on what I would recommend for your business. That recommendation may be a one-time report, an in-depth strategy and follow up, or an ongoing consultation program. You won't be billed for anything up until the proposal is signed and returned.


Once I receive the signed proposal from you, we'll go forward with the consultation program. As will be outlined in full in the proposal, this will include me conducting the consultation and compiling included reports. You will be invoiced during this time as will be outlined in the proposal (depending on the project, invoicing may involve 50% of the project fee upfront and 50% when the project is completed - we can discuss this). I will also be in communication with you or a designated member of your team to ask further questions as outlined in the proposal.


When the consultation program is complete, you will receive the consultation materials as well as a presentation from me (report or phone meeting if presentation not possible) explaining the findings and recommendations. Assuming that you're happy with the project, I would like to set up a follow-up meeting at a future date to reassess and review analytics to ensure proper implementation and performance.

PricingEstimated prices for consultation services


$1,200 - $6,000

(or $99 - $499 per month)

A comprehensive plan for local and medium-sized businesses, this price range would likely include:

  • A program of scheduled meetings between you and your digital marketing team and myself (in-person if possible)
  • A complete review of all digital analytics (going back 3 years if possible)
  • A thorough assessment of your top-5 industry competitors
  • An extensive report featuring the findings of the evaluations and competitors and recommended action steps
  • A final meeting with you and your team to guide you through the recommended program and action steps


$500 - $1,200

(or $49 - $99 per month)

An efficient plan for small and local businesses, this price range would likely include:

  • A round of scheduled meetings between you and I to learn your business and understand your situation and goals
  • A comprehensive report reviewing the findings of the consultation and recommendations for future activities
  • A final review meeting to guide you through the recommended program and action steps


$100 - $500

(or $49 per month)

An affordable plan for individuals and small businesses, this price range would likely include:

  • A review of current digital activities
  • A scheduled meeting and an email or phone call report with recommendations and action-steps.

A quick note about the prices

It's difficult to estimate costs for the services that I offer without knowing anything about you, the client. However, that's exactly what I'm going to do because I would want to know this information if I were you, too!

Above or below your budget? Please feel free to send me a quick email ( ) just to see if we might be a good fit. Even if I don't end up doing the work myself, I'm willing to at least point you in the right direction and set you up with someone else who can help!

ProjectsA few recent project examples of consultation services

Fairview Health Services

Fairview is a nonprofit health system located in Minnesota. I had the opportunity to provide consultation services for Fairview particularly with strategy involving online promotion and awareness building with the growing young-adult market.

Valpac, Inc.

Valpac is an international manufacturer of adhesives and coatings located in Maryland. I was able to help Valpac weigh the costs and benefits of committing to various digital and social media marketing opportunities and determine a few key, impactful channels worthy of time and financial investment for their business.

Island Park Properties

Island Park Properties is a real estate company located in South Carolina. I had the privilege to help Island Park Properties determine key strategies for their website and blog including worthwhile content and email marketing ideas and topics.

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