Real People. Real Backlinks. Quality Controlled.

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LinkCandle is a result of two years of my own frustration. As a Digital Marketing Manager, I oversee the SEO strategy for our marketing agency as we provide services to clients. The most important factor in search engine optimization is, quite likely, backlinks. But they’re also the most difficult to get (the legitimate ones, anyway).

So, I started LinkCandle. It’s an online platform – community – for content creators to get real backlinks from real people.

You simply sign up with your website and then submit webpages as you create them. If someone is interested in your content, finds it useful, and is writing about something similar and needs a source to link to, they will likely create a backlink to your webpage, and … voila! You have a new backlink to your website which will boost your search engine ranking.

I’ve received some flack for this – some people think this is a link exchange or “link scheme” as Google calls it. Because of this, there is ample information on the site that dissects Google’s definition of a link scheme and how LinkCandle is aligned and fully compliant with Google.

On one hand, I don’t like the idea of someone thinking I’m putting out a “bad” product. On the other, I kind of like the controversy – it’s disrupting. Disrupting ideas shape our world. Just ask Airbnb, Uber, and Facebook.


LinkCandle is actually free to use! There are upgrade plans which provide additional exposure, and you can use coupon code “tylerewillis” when signing up for 10% off any of these paid plans.

This project is no longer active.