Search Engine Optimization

Helping websites leverage the #1 online traffic sources and grow their influence through website optimization.


Why search engine optimization (SEO)?

Businesses and individuals hire me to optimize their websites for search engines because optimized websites can see large increases in traffic without the need to pay for online advertising. SEO helps websites to be found by people who are searching for information like yours using platforms like Google, Bing and others.

ProcessWhat a typical SEO project looks like


As soon as I receive an email from you, I'll review your information (whatever you've provided to me in the email) and will email you back with additional questions. We can communicate how you prefer - whether you like email, would prefer an in-person meeting or over the phone, or would like to video chat via Skype or another platform.


Once I understand your goals and strategies in regards to search engine optimization, your business and your goals, I'll provide you with a proposal and a confidentiality agreement for completing the site optimization based on the understood situation. The proposal will include the cost of the project, an estimated timeline and the scope of the project.


Once I receive the signed proposal from you, we'll go forward with the search engine optimization as outlined in the proposal. You will be invoiced during this time as will also be outlined in the proposal (depending on the project, invoicing may involve 50% of the project fee upfront and 50% when the project is completed - we can discuss this). I will also be in communication with you or a designated member of your team to ask further questions as outlined in the proposal.


When the project is complete, we will schedule a final meeting to review the optimization performed and any noteworthy findings. I will also provide you with a detailed report including some suggested action steps for you to consider going forward. Assuming that you're happy with the project, I would like to set up a follow-up meeting at a future date to reassess and review analytics to ensure proper implementation and performance.

PricingEstimated prices for SEO services


$1,200 - $1,800

(or $99 - $149 per month)

A comprehensive plan for large websites which includes an analytics and competitor analysis report, this price range would likely include:

  • A one-time optimization of behind-the-scenes code as well as on-page content
  • Multiple keyword strategy
  • Analytics and competitor analysis report
  • Report with recommendations for future SEO activities


$400 - $800

(or $39 - $79 per month)

An efficient plan for medium-sized websites, this price range would likely include:

  • A one-time optimization of behind-the-scenes code as well as on-page content
  • Multiple keyword strategy
  • Report with recommendations for future SEO activities


$100 - $500

(or $49 per month)

An affordable plan for individuals and small businesses looking for recommendations and direction, this price range would likely include:

  • Report with recommendations for future SEO activities

A quick note about the prices

It's difficult to estimate costs for the services that I offer without knowing anything about you, the client. However, that's exactly what I'm going to do because I would want to know this information if I were you, too!

Above or below your budget? Please feel free to send me a quick email ( ) just to see if we might be a good fit. Even if I don't end up doing the work myself, I'm willing to at least point you in the right direction and set you up with someone else who can help!

ProjectsA few recent project examples of SEO services

Independent Can Company

Independent Can is a decorative tin packaging manufacturer located in Belcamp, Maryland. I had the opportunity to help Independent Can with an ongoing SEO including monthly analytics reports focused on increasing traffic including companies that are looking for efficient, decorative packaging especially leading up to the holidays.

Gainco, Inc.

Gainco is an international manufacturer of food processing equipment located in Gainseville, Georgia. I was able to help Gainco optimize their website focused on a list of over 25 requested, relevant and important keywords to their business.

Doug Ashley Realtors

Doug Ashley Realtors is a real estate company located in Chestertown, Maryland. I had the privilege to optimize the Doug Ashley website which was crucial to their online success due to the consistently high turnover rate of their property listings and therefore their webpages.

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