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Local Workshops

Is your event consisting of mostly local business owners or nonprofits? I've had the privilege to provide tailored workshops to local businesses in colleges and chambers.

Professional Events

Is your event something that's on many professionals must-attend list? I've had the opportunity to deliver hour-long, interactive insights to larger audiences.

Presentation Ideas:

Digital Marketing

What is the future of digital marketing? What are some major trends that we can expect to see coming in the industry?

Marketing Strategy

How can we be sure we're getting the best possible ROI from our marketing campaigns? What data should we be reviewing?

Building Leads

How can we build leads for my company regardless of the industry that we're in? How do we get people from awareness to customer?


Can we hear real-life stories of how search engine optimization has helped take companies from no website traffic to consistent, revenue-generating traffic?

Content Marketing

You don't have to be a write to construct a polished and professional, customer-focused piece of web content. I'll prove it by example.

Email Marketing

How businesses are using a simple, oft-ignored tactic to create near automatic, sale-generating marketing systems.

Social Media

How can we get past the "buzz" and into the real business-uses of social media? Are there certain platforms we should focus on more than others?


How can we filter through the vast amount of data available through digital marketing and focus in on metrics that are really growing or hurting our business?


What are the best use-cases for conversion rate optimization? What strategies should we implement that have the potential to produce the greatest improvement?

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