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Tyler E. Willis

I'm a web developer from the US, focusing my efforts on creating useful web apps and other web-based software.

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Automated Website Content Analysis

Before You Post That

Analyze Your Posts and Emails Before Sending Them

Keyword Detector

Detect your webpage's search engine indexed keywords


Real People. Real Backlinks. Quality Controlled.

Backlink Quality Grader

Grade a webpage's external links

Recent Books

When to Rob a Bank

Steven Levitt, Steven Dubner | (finished 12/06/2017)

The Third Wave

Steve Case | (finished 12/01/2017)

Everybody Lies

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz | (finished 11/28/2017)

Insanely Simple

Ken Segall | (finished 11/22/2017)

Icarus Deception

Seth Godin | (finished 11/12/2017)