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Hi, I'm Tyler. When I'm not biking🚴‍,playing the guitar🎸,or building legos with my kids👦👧👦👶,I'm usually typing up lines of code on my MacBook💻. Even though I received my Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, I started out my career in operations and spent 6 years in operations management for Pepsi and Peapod. Not inspired, I shifted focus to web development, learned to code and have spent the past 4 years as the lead website developer for a local marketing agency.

On the side, I've been honing my development skills with projects and product ideas. I've launched 9 products to-date onProduct Huntand have experimented with hundreds of smaller projects both on my site and the site's of clients that I've had the privilege to support. The topics of focus have included SEO, sports, font icons, and business consulting.

There have been a lot of ups and downs on my journey so far as I've tried to turn product ideas into revenue, but I've been blessed with my wife and 4 kids, the presence of God in my life, and learnings from my life experiences.💯


SAAS platforms, APIs, physical goods, and other active products


Parrily is an existing SAAS application that connects consultants with business professionals via chatbot software. Consultants can create chatbot consultations and collect fees from participating subscribers at Parrily.

Parrily is built in PHP leveraging jQuery for chatbot functionality and sending data to MySQL via Ajax.

PHP • JavaScript • jQuery • MySQL

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Skills based on experience level and time accrued via client work, products and personal projects







Weeknotes, discoveries and some lengthier posts

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Experiments, ideas, freebies, and other formerly active products


My first project, PerfectPage was a web page parser that would scan page text, metadata and media and run it through an algorithm that provided feedback to help improve SEO performance and overall user experience.

PerfectPage was built as a custom theme in WordPress, leveraged native PHP functions for crawling URLs, and tapped into IBM Watson's API for content analyzation.

PHP • JavaScript • MySQL • WordPress • IBM API

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Chillbid was an analysis tool that would provide information on over 500 different publicly traded companies including public sentiment, analyst ratings, technical data, and interactive charts.

Chillbid was built in PHP and leveraged D3.js for charting and IBM Watson for article sentiment analysis.

PHP • D3.js • jQuery • MySQL • IBM API

TW Fonts

TW Fonts was a vectorized icon library for applications. I created the icons out of curiosity after using Font Awesome for icons and was blown away by exposure the icon library generated on Product Hunt.

I used Inkscape to create the SVGs and Fontello to create the font files.

Inkscape • JavaScript

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FanReport was built as a free, community-driven platform where sports fans could share and discuss sporting events and analytical articles. Users create new discussions or submit URLs of articles for commenting.

I leveraged PHP URL scraping to generate article previews and Ajax to return live feedback.

PHP • JavaScript • MySQL

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LinkCandle was built to help marketers and SEOs find high quality and relevant posts to link to while building exposure for their own site links. I received a lot of pushback about how compliant this was to Google's 'White Hat' SEO standards but it was still embraced by many content creators.

I leveraged PHP URL scraping to assist with new posts and verify that links were placed properly.

PHP • JavaScript • MySQL • WordPress

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Before You Post That

'Before You Post That' was a fun project that I put together to help people combat their own emotions before posting to social media or sending an email. The goal was to increase the effectiveness of a conversation by filtering out the emotion.

I leveraged IBM Watson's Tone API to get a sense of emotion from submitted text.

PHP • JavaScript • MySQL • IBM Watson

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Baller Fonts

Baller Fonts was my second attempt at creating vectorized font icons inspired by sports teams, although, this time I wanted to turn it into a subscription-based platform. I realized it wasn't my strong-suit so I quickly moved on. :)

Like TW Fonts, I used Inkscape to create the SVGs and Fontello to create the font files.

Inkscape • JavaScript

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Keyword Detector

Web pages often rank in search engines for many keywords other than just the desired keywords, so Keyword Detector was built to help SEOs be aware of the most common words and phrases that made up their page's content.

I leveraged PHP to create an algorithm for scraping and sorting text from URLs.

PHP • JavaScript • MySQL

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Player Ranker

Being a fantasy sports fan, I built a tool to help other fans rank players based on blind statistic comparisons in preparation for their fantasy drafts.

I leveraged JavaScript for the UI and both JavaScript and PHP for insertion sorting.

PHP • JavaScript • MySQL

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