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Hey, I'm Tyler.

I help B2B companiesuse Digital Marketingto generateLeads & Sales

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Do marketing like the big companies.

This easy to fill out, 1-page worksheet makes it easy to construct a full and comprehensive marketing plan for your business.

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The biggest leverage point in any business is marketing.

I have a question for you -

Have you spent hours of your time and way too much money on marketing activities that don't work?

Well, what I do is help businesses take a systematic approach to marketing based on a proven system with expected countable results.

In fact, when I had the opportunity recently to work with a regional real estate company, we discovered wasted time and money trying to use Facebook to increase their home listings. We decided instead to put that time into developing lead-generating content and tools for their website and quickly noticed positive, quantifiable and real results.

There's absolutely no risk to contact me to see if we can do something great together for your business!

Let's Work Together

Marketing is the planning and implementation of organized systems.

Empowering ClientsWhy my system works

Business-to-business companies are often suspicious that hiring a consultant will really be worth it and doubt that they'll be able to successfully implement a recommended plan on their own.

To instill confidence, along with any other information or reports provided at the end of the consulting period, I provide all of my clients with a Think, Do, Measure worksheet.

A method of learning that I implement to benefit my clients, Think focuses on the insights gained from discussion time and any incoming industry or company knowledge delivered by the client and digital marketing knowledge delivered by myself relevant to the project. Do presents actionable and specific steps for completing the plan including listing responsible individuals and timeframes. Measure highlights metrics and data to track in order to review the performance of the plan and how to respond as a company based on the measurements discovered.

Before any project is started, all clients will receive a free, zero-commitment proposal from me removing any concerns about hidden fees or out-of-control project costs.

To get your estimate, simply send me a quick message.

Marketing systems done well lead to expected and automated results.


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