A great product is one thathelpsa lot of peoplegetmoreout oflife.

Hi, I'm Tyler. When I'm not biking🚴‍,playing the guitar🎸,or building legos with my kids👦👧👦👶,I'm usually typing up lines of code on my MacBook💻. Even though I received my Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, I started out my career in operations and spent 6 years in operations management for Pepsi and Peapod. Not inspired, I shifted focus to web development, learned to code and have spent the past 4 years as the lead website developer for a local marketing agency.

On the side, I've been honing my development skills with projects and product ideas. I've launched 9 products to-date onProduct Huntand have experimented with hundreds of smaller projects both on my site and the sites of clients that I've had the privilege to create and support. The topics of focus have included SEO, sports, font icons, and business consulting.

Right now, I'm dedicating all possible time to transforming myself from a self-taught coder into a senior level programmer and computer scientist.💯


Skills based on experience level and time accrued via client work and personal projects



Computer science, programming and code examples, blog posts, and small projects.

My Founder's Journey

9 Product Hunt Submissions, a couple dozen domain names registered, dreams to last for years, and other notables from my journey as a solo-preneur.


Complete Binary Search Tree Code Implementation in JavaScript

Binary Trees are common data structures used in computer science specifically for programs geared toward high efficiency searching and output.


Check if Binary Search Tree Structure is Valid

Binary search trees allow for efficient functionality but only when their nodes follow the rules. Here's how to check if a binary search tree is valid.


Hash Table JavaScript Implementation with Linear Probing

Probing allows hash tables to have dynamic sizes which greatly influence memory and time efficiency. Here's how you can build the functionality in JavaScript.


Building a Binary Max Heap in JavaScript

Binary max heaps allow for efficient data insertion and max value extraction and are used for the efficient heap sort algorithm.

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Fun products, experimentations and other MVPs

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