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Baller Fonts

Baller Fonts allows you to take vector artwork and insert it directly into your web page in the form of text (with only 2 lines of code). Vector art is a form of 2D art based on points. Contrary to typical rastered graphics, vector allows you to enlarge graphics to an infinite size without losing image quality.

Try it:


Also, because these icon graphics are seen by the browser as text, we can apply any standard CSS text styles to the icons as we can to text.

Try it:

Drop shadow






Here are the icons:

<i class='baller baller-blazers'></i>
<i class='baller baller-blazers-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-bucks'></i>
<i class='baller baller-bucks-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-bulls'></i>
<i class='baller baller-bulls-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-cavaliers'></i>
<i class='baller baller-cavaliers-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-celtics'></i>
<i class='baller baller-celtics-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-clippers'></i>
<i class='baller baller-clippers-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-grizzlies'></i>
<i class='baller baller-grizzlies-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-hawks'></i>
<i class='baller baller-hawks-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-heat'></i>
<i class='baller baller-heat-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-hornets'></i>
<i class='baller baller-hornets-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-jazz'></i>
<i class='baller baller-jazz-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-kings'></i>
<i class='baller baller-kings-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-knicks'></i>
<i class='baller baller-knicks-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-lakers'></i>
<i class='baller baller-lakers-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-magic'></i>
<i class='baller baller-magic-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-mavericks'></i>
<i class='baller baller-mavericks-alt'></i>

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<i class='baller baller-nets'></i>
<i class='baller baller-nets-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-nuggets'></i>
<i class='baller baller-nuggets-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-pacers'></i>
<i class='baller baller-pacers-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-pelicans'></i>
<i class='baller baller-pelicans-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-pistons'></i>
<i class='baller baller-pistons-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-raptors-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-raptors'></i>
<i class='baller baller-rockets'></i>
<i class='baller baller-rockets-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-sixers'></i>
<i class='baller baller-sixers-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-spurs'></i>
<i class='baller baller-spurs-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-suns'></i>
<i class='baller baller-suns-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-thunder'></i>
<i class='baller baller-thunder-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-timberwolves'></i>
<i class='baller baller-timberwolves-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-warriors'></i>
<i class='baller baller-warriors-alt'></i>
<i class='baller baller-wizards'></i>
<i class='baller baller-wizards-alt'></i>

Use these icons in your project


To use these icons, you just need to link to the Baller Fonts stylesheet somewhere in your page header:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />

And then paste the icon tag directly where you want the icon to appear in your page:

<i class='baller baller-nets-alt'></i>

You're in!

Thanks! I'll keep you in the loop when new icons are created or other awesome changes are made to Baller Fonts.