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The Practical Digital Marketing Guide for B2B Companies

The Practical Guide to Digital Marketing for B2B Companies is the perfect resource for beginner-to-advanced marketers working at business-to-business companies to learn new skills or improve existing ones. This guide (updated for 2019) is full of practical insights into the world of digital marketing from an industry insider\'s point of view.

Reading Time: 6 mins.

The Business to Business Digital Marketing Customer Journey

Understanding who your customer is, where they are and what their goals are are the foundation for a successful marketing plan.

Reading Time: 13 mins.

Developing a B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Your potential customers are searching the internet for solutions that your business offers. A solid content marketing strategy can help your business to business company give you a chance to be found by them and turn them into customers.

Reading Time: 31 mins.

Creating a B2B Digital Advertising Plan

Digital advertising can provide immediate results while being a digital marketing tactic that is easy to use and cost-efficient.

Reading Time: 14 mins.

Launching a B2B Email Marketing Program

Email marketing strategies and best practices for business to business companies.

Reading Time: 26 mins.

SEO: A Practical Guide for B2B Companies

Can B2B companies leverage search engine optimization? Is it a worthwhile tactic for your company? Which factors should I focus on? In this guide, we take a practical, efficient approach to SEO.

Reading Time: 26 mins.

Social Media: A Practical Guide for B2B Companies

Learn about social media best practices specifically designed for B2B companies, practical advice for getting started and how you can measure social media ROI.

Reading Time: 10 mins.

Website Analytics: A Business to Business Approach

With data, the goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight. Without practical insight, data, and our marketing tactics are nearly pointless. Here\'s a practical web analytics guide to get you started.

Reading Time: 9 mins.

Conversion Rate Optimization for Business to Business Companies

As individuals, we're consumed with finding new ways to improve our daily lives - trying a new diet, testing out a new route to work. We should treat our marketing no differently.

Reading Time: 8 mins.

Next Steps - B2B Digital Marketing Guide

You've completed The Practical Digital Marketing Guide for B2B Companies, which means you're part of an exclusive group of marketers who know how to attract, engage, and convert your customers in a social, digital environment. Simply by applying the lessons you've learned in this guide, you'll have a huge advantage over your competitors.

Reading Time: 3 mins.

Why I sometimes Don't Recommend SEO

*Gasp* But it's true - sometimes there are better paths for your company depending on your current goals and capabilities.

Reading Time: 7 mins.

What's Google's Keyword Threshold?

Since Google is - by far - the leader in search, we want to dissect it and learn how it uses keywords to crawl and index your web page.

Reading Time: 8 mins.